Preschool block – Cutting, sticking, creative work

Cutting with scissors is an important fine motor skill. Especially kindergarten children should hone and fine-tune their cutting abilities. This block features lots of creative exercises for children to try out and practise using scissors and glue. It contains templates for making masks, finger puppets, pennant banners and the like. Small puzzles are included which can be solved with scissors and glue. As a result, children create a lot of beautiful pictures which make small presents or which they can hang on the wall. The block therefore stimulates children’s creativity while they are having fun cutting and sticking.

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Autor/in: Ulrike Maier

Format: DIN-A5-Block

ISBN: 9783881007351

Preis: DE: 5,90 EUR · A: 6,10 EUR · CH: (UVP) 7.10 CHF